Black Widow 4.0.4 ROM Added!

The latest ICS ROM, named Black Widow straight from DroidRZR forums! This ROM is based of the latest Motorola ICS leak for the RAZR which appeared on the internet this month. This means that it’ll be faster and smoother than ever. Currently it has the same bugs as all the other ICS ROMs but these will be sorted out soon as all the libs and files required for hardware acceleration are now available to the developers!

Check it out HERE


2 comments on “Black Widow 4.0.4 ROM Added!

  1. I’m trying my hardest not to fall off the Wagon, and become a flashaholic again, but posts/write ups like this don’t help that… Nicely done!

  2. That Rom Rocks!
    A little tip 4 ya: Take a look @ the Boot Manager! With this you got your Main Rom on Phone and could install any ICS-Rom you like to test on SD-Card. So your Main Rom not gonna be touched and you can easy switche between different Roms!

    I use it since yesterday and it works realy good. But you must have an ICS-Custom as Main-Rom on your Phone (I got this lovely Widow). Give it a try, Aashrey got a Post about it…

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