No, I’m Not Dead!

Hey guys,

Just thought I’d drop in and let you guys know what’s going on with the blog.

Well I have my college finals coming up and I’ve been really busy preparing for them and handling the other college stuff. Plus I’ve pretty much covered most of the important stuff related to the RAZR and RAZR development is not moving at a really fast pace at XDA. So I”m just waiting for my exams to get over so that I can get back to blogging again.

My finals end on 15th May and after that I’ll have vacations for about 2.5 months. I won’t be free till about 15th June because I have to meet a lot of friends and relatives. After that’s over, I’ll have loads of time! Still I will try and write whenever possible.

Again, please note, the blog is not dead, it will continue regardless of what’s going on at XDA till the time I decide I feel the need to shift my focus on more pressing issues.

And here’s a small list of what’s to come in the following months,

  • Photos will added where needed to assist in procedures mentioned in various articles
  • Apps and games to be added to the must have apps sections
  • Video tutorials(I’ll start recording in the month of June, should start coming up by July)
  •  My review of the Motorola RAZR XT910
  • More ROMs to be included in the ROMs list
  • Update the existing Stock ROMs list with new ROMs and OTAs
  • Dedicated apps sections for Music Players
  • Possible revisions to the Battery Optimization Guide
  • An article on using the Stock Motorola Bootloader for recovery purposes
  • Removal of redundant content and article inconsistencies (I promise it won’t be much)

Please do leave me with more suggestions. I will have lots of free time on my hands after my finals end( I have my vacations to thank for that).

PS: I’m a noob at video editing. If someone can help me out, please do send in an email @ aashrey9sharma@gmail.com.


2 comments on “No, I’m Not Dead!

  1. good luck and have fun 😀

  2. u better be dead man..! its the end of Q2(june) wer r u ???

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