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Android vs iOS

I’ve got a lot of requests from people for this section. With all the confusion created by the so-called “Apple Fanboys”  it’s still hard for people to believe that Android is the superior operating system when compared to the competition( Windows .5 and iOS)

Android has always given more importance to empowering the user than any other OS. The best part about Android is its complete customizability. This is something that the iOS and Windows Mobile OS lack till date. Android has so many flavors, every user can just choose what he likes. No two Android phones are ever the same.

Here I’ve gathered some random bits and pieces of the internet proving that Android leaves the competition miles behind so that the next time you guys get into a OS discussion and people try to feed you crap about Android, you can tell them to shut up with some proof of your own!


I recently came across this vid on YouTube and I must say I had a good laugh watching this. This vid showcases 100 features that jailbreaking brings to the iPhones. Of all the features shown in the vid almost all are available on Android for free and without root. This basically means that Android users enjoy all the jailbreaking features without losing their warranty unlike iPhone owners. Also Android offers much more at a cheaper price as compared to iPhones and iOS. I would call this vid a desperate attempt of an iPhone owner to save the integrity of the iPhone as a good device. We all know that Android is the superior operating system and iOS has never really been a worthy competitor.

Anyways, here’s the vid. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.


Now this article is too big for me to actually put here, so I’m just gonna leave you all with a link to the main article. It’s a good article and I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading it.



This is a five-part (was originally planned to be a six-part) mini series(still in the making) by XDA user, Wicked4u2c. He can also be found on YouTube under the same name. In these videos he lists real-time and practical examples of how iOS is not so user-friendly and how its harder to do simple tasks on the iPhone when compared to Android.

Video 1 of 5:

Video 2 of 5:

Video 3 of 5:

Video 4 of 5:

Video 5 of 5:

FAQ Video:


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