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Bootloader Bypass [Kexec]

The developers at the Eternity Project have finally got us a working bootloader bypass method! This means we can now use custom kernels. This opens new possibilities in terms of general development for the RAZR. In the coming months we’ll get new custom kernels, ROMs and MODs. The possibilities of this bypass are endless!

Since this is not a bootloader unlock, the bootloader will first boot into the original kernel which can then be used to boot into the custom kernel. The instructions to do this are given below. 

WARNING: Please be patient and read the entire article properly. This may hard-brick your device if instructions are not followed properly. Proceed with caution!

NOTE: This is a work in progress. Issues may or may not be fixed in the future, however keep your hopes high. We are more likely to the fixes than not

Known issues (to be solved):

  • CPU1 doesn’t come up. (This essentially makes your phone a single core phone when booted into the custom kernel. However you can revert back to stock kernel and get back the dual cores)
  • Does not work on CDMA RAZRs.

To-Do (by priority):

  • CDMA Droid RAZR problem
  • Fix CPU1

The Eternity Project, [mbm] and Aashrey99RAZR are not responsible if this damages your device. Try this at your own risk!

Tested on:

  • 651.167.19.XT910.Retail.en.FR
  • 651.167.26.XT910.Retail.en.EU
  • 65.1.40.XT910.MERetail.en.06
  • 651.73.250.XT910.Brasil.en.BR

NOTE: This should be installed on a stock ROM. Custom ROMs may have unknown complications.


  1. Copy the package on your internal memory / MicroSD
  2. Boot the bootstrap recovery
  3. Install it via that recovery.

At this point you have simply installed the bootloader bypass files. You have not activated the bypass/Kexec. So when you reboot you will reboot into the stock kernel. You still have dual cores!
Prior to activating Kexec, please note down your Kernel name and version from “About Phone” in Settings.

Booting with kexec:

  1. Open a terminal emulator or ADB and enter this:
  2. Code:
    sh /system/bypassme/bypassme.sh
  3. Then wait for 10 seconds to jump over the new kernel. Now your device will vibrate and apparently freeze. Wait a minute and you’ll be on the new kernel.

You can also set the script above to be automatically executed at boot time or to be a one-tap script with apps like Script Manager.[Not recommended if your system is having problems with Kexec]

In case of freeze:

  • VOLDN+POWER (press for ~10 seconds) will hard shutdown your device. If it freezes during the kexec boot, retry. Sometimes it can happen.

In case of extreme Lag:

  • Install SetCPU or AnTuTu CPU Master and change your governor from ‘mot_hotplug’ to ‘ondemand’.


EternityProject Website


If something is not working, please remove anything that is automatically running at boot, like auto-recovery and the “Set on boot” option of SetCPU or AnTuTu CPU Master.

Credits: The Eternity Project, Kholk, [mbm] for all the hard work they put into our phones! Thanks a lot guys! 😀


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