Disaster Recovery

Alright I admit it, not every article I write is perfect, and not everyone who reads it interprets it the way I want them to(and some times people really just don’t follow instructions :/). Mistakes happen and RAZRs are temporarily lost into oblivion(permanently in the minds of some people).

Well, fear not! This disaster recovery section will be the last place you need to visit to bring your (supposedly) dead RAZR back to live.

Lets start with the basics.

  1. Always follow instructions. If you did follow them and something went wrong, please do leave a comment. My instructions may not always be right hence I need the feedback to update the section with the correct instructions.
  2. Before doing anything(installing a custom ROM or MOD or even changing a small value in a system file) always make a backup of your ROM with CWM on boot recovery, explained HERE. This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT(More like DEFCON 1 IMPORTANT)
  3. If something does go wrong and you can’t figure out why(because you followed every instruction and pre-caution to the letter) then don’t panic. Believe me, Motorola may not have given the RAZR an external battery(this kinda makes people skeptical about experimenting with their phones) but they sure as hell did make this phone hard-brick proof. There is always gonna be a way for you to recover your phone back to working condition no matter what you do. The only case in which you can truly hard-brick your phone is if you somehow corrupt/damage the bootloader(which is next to impossible).

So lets enumerate the scenarios in which you might end up here

  1. Edited a system file, system boots but doesn’t function properly.
  2. Edited a system file, system doesn’t boot, CWM on boot recovery works.
  3. Installed a custom ROM, system doesn’t boot up. CWM on boot recovery works.
  4. Applied a MOD, system doesn’t boot. CWM on boot recovery works.
  5. Edited a system file, system doesn’t boot, CWM on boot recovery doesn’t work.(This will almost never happen, unless you edit the CWM on boot recovery files)
  6. Installed a custom ROM, system doesn’t boot up. CWM on boot recovery doesn’t work.
  7. Applied a MOD, system doesn’t boot. CWM on boot recovery works.Edited a system file, system doesn’t boot, CWM on boot recovery doesn’t work.
  8. Install an original ROM, system doesn’t boot up.

Solution for Scenario – 1

  1. Re-edit the file and put back the original values. Preferably, make a backup of that file before you edit.
  2. Restart.
  3. The error should be fixed.

Solution for Scenario – 2 to 4

  1. Boot into CWM on boot recovery and restore from a previous backup, for instructions read HERE
  2. Restart the system, it should work fine. If it doesn’t then follow the instructions for scenarios 5-8.

Solution for Scenario – 5 to 8

This is the ultimate and the most time consuming solution of them all. This will always(unless you damaged the bootloader, which again is next to impossible) recover your system from any and every problem.

This basically includes installing an original ROM to bring your system back to factory configuration. You will lose all personal data and applications. Please read HERE and follow the instructions to install an original ROM.


5 comments on “Disaster Recovery

  1. Hey. What are you thinking about these. I don’t want to brick my Razr to test it 😉
    What do you mean, could this been working?


    • Dude all I know is that you don’t wanna be in a position where trying that out is your only option. So my advice would be to keep your battery levels high and never attempt anything on low battery. You don’t wanna land up in that situation.
      As for testing it, I have no idea. I’m always careful about the battery when I flash my phone so I’ve never really had to do it.

  2. Believe me, i realy don’t wanna test it on my RacR. I’m not flashing before 100%.

    It’s because more & more Users brick their Phones or get problems with it.

    Just today I meet a Guy at Handy-Faq. He buyed a ‘New’ RazR at Ebay. The problem is, he get it with AP Fastboot Battery Low…
    Ok, he will send it back. But the Profile of the Guy who sell it looks pretty strange.
    So, if he don’t get his money back he has a Problem 😉

    Strange World, will see what happens,

  3. Already bricked my razr twice this was my last option and it works like charm.

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