1% Battery MOD

IMPORTANT: Before installing please make a backup of your existing system with CWM on boot recovery. If you don’t know how to make a backup, please read HERE


  • Deodexed original ROM, download HERE
  • System version 651.73.23
  • Rooted RAZR, for instructions read HERE
  • CWM on Boot recovery, for instructions read HERE

This is an accurate 1% battery mod with carrier in the notification bar, by shady_lanem of the EternityProject


Download HERE

Installation Instructions

  • Download the file and put in your external SD card
  • Boot into CWM recovery
  • Select “Install .zip from SD card”
  • Install the .zip
  • Reboot

Credits: Shady_lanem, The EternityProject


4 comments on “1% Battery MOD

  1. can i do this without voiding my warranty ?

    • You will have to root your phone in order to install this mod. Rooting does void your warranty but in most cases un-rooting can restore warranty(since it erases the root). Please read the articles on rooting and un-rooting for more information.

  2. can i use it with the normal firmware?
    yes its rooted.

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