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Battery Optimization

You’re RAZR’s not gonna do you much good if it has pathetic battery life.

Here we have every possible battery saving tip that’ll help you to maximize your battery life and get the most out of your RAZR. It is not mandatory to follow all the tips. Apply what suits you. The results will vary depending on your choices.

For people with BRAND NEW RAZRs, for the first week follow this operating schedule

  • Charge phone to 100% battery without break
  • Let it drain to 0% (i.e. phone shutdown due to low battery)
  • Repeat

Please discard this schedule after a week. The RAZR has a Lithium Polymer battery which unlike old batteries does not work on the charge cycle system. Hence these batteries can be and should be charged as often as possible. The charge should not be allowed to reach very low levels as this reduces the battery life of Li-Poly based batteries over a long period of time.

Now we move on to the battery optimization tips.

The tips have been classified as ROOT and NON-ROOT. ROOT tips require root privileges and will not work otherwise. These are very effective tweaks and will help battery life greatly. NON-ROOT will work on all phones, rooted and normal ones.


  • Disable Auto-Brightness(In display settings). Auto brightness causes the ambient light sensor to be activated every time you turn on the screen. Disabling this disables the sensor hence saving battery.
  • Keep Screen Brightness < 50%
  • Disable In-Pocket Detection(In display settings). In-Pocket Detection causes the proximity sensor to be activated when you turn on the sensor. Disabling this disable the sensor and saves battery.
  • Disable Window and Transition animations(In display settings)
  • Disable Wifi, Bluetooth and Cellular Data whenever possble.
  • Disable GPS and Wi-Fi Location(In location services settings).
  • Disable Mock Locations(in Application–>Developer options)
  • Use Smart Actions to create battery saving profiles. Only applies to people using original ROM users.
  • Switch to a third party launcher like Launcher Pro or ADW or Go Launcher EX. The default MotoBlur launcher is a big batter hog due to the unnecessary animations and widgets.
  • Don’t add too many homescreens and widgets to your launchers
  • Use the Power Control widget to micromanage Wifi, GPS and Bluetooth and Cellular Data. Don’t leave them enabled when they are not in use.
  • Don’t use the Facebook app for Android. This app has been reported to run in the background and keep the phone from going to idle state when the screen is off.
  • Increase sync schedule timings for apps that use data such as Email, Gmail and Facebook.
  • Use the Juice Defender app, find it on the market
  • Disable Auto-Sync and Background Data. WARNING: Your emails and internet based notifications will stop.
  • Switch to 2G network(Go to Settings–>Wireless and Networks–>Mobile Networks). They don’t as good speeds as 3G but eat lesser battery.
  • Don’t use Task Killers and Memory Manager Apps. Despite popular support that these apps get they simply kill other applications which are eventually restarted by the system. Hence the system wastes even more battery restarting these apps. Lifehacker has an excellent article explaining this. Read HERE
  • Don’t install too many apps if you’re not gonna use them
  • Use Android’s inbuilt battery monitoring system to check battery usage by apps and uninstall them if they cause battery drain.
  • If your phone ever becomes hot turn if off and let it cool down. Heat kills battery very fast!
  • Use black wallapers and black themes for apps. RAZR has a S-AMOLED screens, these screens drain very less battery to render black color. So use black as much as possible!
  • [NEW] Use the Fresh Network app from the Market, this app refreshes your signal and helps to locate better signal strength thus saving battery. For those who didn’t know yet, the signal strength also affects battery as the phone constantly keeps searching for a better signal when the signal strength is not good.


  • Calibrate Battery once a month OR after installing a new ROM. Download the Battery Calibration App from the Market.
  • Use the SetCPU App from the Market to control the processor speeds via profiles. Instructions HERE.
  • [NEW] Use Autostarts app from the Market to control the apps which start when different events occur in the phone. This app can basically functions as a startup apps controller.

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