Beats Audio and XLoud [Experimental]

WARNING: This MOD was not specifically created for the RAZR. This is a general mod applicable to all phones running ROMs on version 2.3 and above. Before installing please make a backup of your existing system with CWM on boot recovery. If you don’t know how to make a backup, please read HERE

We finally have the HTC’s Beats Audio and Sony’s XLoud mod for our RAZRs. Enjoy better audio quality with Beats! 😀

This works with Android 2.3+


  • Rooted RAZR, for rooting instructions read HERE
  • A root browser app, like Root Explorer. Download from Market.
  • CWM on Boot Recovery, read installation instructions HERE
  • Beats Audio package(its a .zip file), download HERE

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download .zip file
  2. Unzip using root explorer, then go to the extracted folder and then system and copy bin, etc and lib folders on to your external SD card.
  3. Then use Root explorer to copy these folders from your external SD to your system folder(see step 4)
  4. Go into /system/ and paste the folders bin, lib and etc here. Root explorer will show a prompt saying that these folders exist. Choose the merge option here and exit root explorer.
  5. Reboot into CWM on Boot recovery [IMPORTANT]
  6. Go to Advanced–>Fix permissions.
  7. Reboot

Beats Audio should now be installed. The changes in audio may not be liked by everyone as audio is highly subjective

If you want to uninstall it simply delete all the files that you put in(not the entire bin, etc and lib folders, just the mod files contained within them) OR you can restore your backup from before the mod installation.

If you have bootloops please let me know, I will try and find a solution to the issue.

Credits: virus, carl1961, Old, jwischka, Quinny899, Htc, Beats audio, RockoDev, person who ported xloud, _Sofos_


12 comments on “Beats Audio and XLoud [Experimental]

  1. When can we use this mod?
    – Use beat audio when we need beat headsets? OR we can use Moto headsets with beat audio?
    – Same question with XLoud mod?

  2. OH MY GOD, I use root explorer and do like your Installation Instructions ———>> MY PHONE CAN’T BOOT, now i have to reflash my phone :((

    My question: why we don’t update this mod by recovery mod ???

    • This mod isn’t a mod made specifically for the RAZR. Its supposed to work with all Gingerbread and ICS roms. It worked on mine.
      However, since it didn’t work in yours ill put this under the experimental tab. Thanks for the feedback!

    • Even I could not get the recovery to flash the mod. I always get a error code 0. i have been trying to look for a solution for this. The copying files method still works for me. I have updated the instructions so it may be easier to follow now.

  3. I don’t understand where to paste the folders. Please can you clarify. I pasted them into the system folder using Root explorer and my phone got soft bricked so I had to restore my previous backup…

  4. I did everything as it is written and now i can’t boot either!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thanks. I think it worked now. How do I know if it was installed successfully?

    • You should be able to note a slight difference in audio quality. My music sounds more bass heavy than before and the overall loudness has increased(of course that could just be placebo).

  6. i tried with the version downloaded here didnt work for me tried with 0314 in this tread and it work there are 2 versions one for sgs2 and other flashed it with the artic rom


    hope it helps

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