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WARNING: Overclocking is potentially dangerous for your device since it forces the processor to run at a higher speed that what it was desgined for. This will reduce the processor’s life and might cause other issues at a later stage. Do not overclock unless needed as the RAZR is a fast enough device to not need overclocking. 

The long-awaited overclock for the RAZR is now available, thanks to XDA members MattyOnXperiaX10 and therazrguy. Also a huge shout out to the guys at the OPPtimizer Projekt for making this possible.

Visit the OPPtimizer Projekt page HERE


  • CWM on boot recovery
  • Download Script Manager (via Market, its a free app)
  • Download Overclock.zip, HERE
  • For overclocking, download one of the four available overclock profiles; 1300MHz, 1325MHz, 1350MHz, 1375MHz (Right click and save as text)
  • For underclocking, download one of the three available overclock profiles; 1000MHz, 900MHz, 800MHz (Right click and save as text)
  • Download any overclocking tool(from the Market) OR download Quickclock Advanced, HERE

Installation Instructions:

  1. Place the Overclock.zip in the external SD card(sdcard-ext)
  2. Place the overclock/underclock profile in the internal SD card(sdcard)
  3. Boot into CWM recovery
  4. Choose “Install zip from SD card” and install the overclock.zip
  5. Reboot, and open Script manager
  6. Go to your overclock/underclock profile and open it with script manager.
  7. A pop box will appear from where you have select “SU”. Now run the script.
  8. Check if the phone reboots under load(i.e. when playing a heavy game). If it does not then the overclock is stable. If not then repeat thevabove steps with a lower speed overclock script
  9. Now go to Script Manager and open your stable overclock script with it and select the “SU” and “Boot” options and hit save.
  10. After reboot, go to Quickclock Advanced and select “Scaling”. Now drag the sliders to adjust the clock speeds of the processor
Setting the processor clock to the highest i.e. 1375MHz might result in system reboots since the overclock may not be stable. Please overclock in small increments to find the max speed at which your processor is stable. Once you’ve found the speed, do not overclock further.
If you want to return to stock clock speeds, download the stock clock profile HERE(right-click and save as text). Then use script manager and do as in step 9.

Video Tutorial (by therazrguy)



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