Mattlgroff’s ALL-IN-ONE RAZR Utility

Firstly, thanks to XDA User, Mattlgroff for creating this! 

Howdy RAZR owners!

This awesome utility comes in two versions, FULL and LITE with the only difference being that the FULL version has a fastboot/original ROM file included which can be used to restore your phone to en.EU 651.73.30 system version. That’s good news for all European RAZR users(not so much for other regions)!! This feature is not available in the LITE version. The rest is identical.

The screenshot pretty much lists and explains all the features, however if you have any difficulties please do leave a comment and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Have fun with this neat little package!

Downloads are listed below


Donwloads: FULL (685 MB) | LITE (4.48 MB)

NOTE: Before using this please enable USB debugging on your phone. You can find USB debugging under Development options in Application settings.


3 comments on “Mattlgroff’s ALL-IN-ONE RAZR Utility

  1. Dead links please upload or add mirror.

    Thank you for your work and best wishes.

    Regards from Serbia.

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