What is a ROM?

Literally it stands for Read Only Memory, in this case referring to the phone’s internal memory where your firmware/apps are stored. When people say they’re flashing a new ROM, it means they are flashing a new version of the firmware onto their phone – the two terms are interchangeable.

Stock/Original ROMs

The RAZR comes pre-loaded with android OS 2.3.5 (Gingerbread). The ROM varies regionally(i.e. Europe, Asia….). Please visit the centralized original ROMs page HERE for listing and more information.

Custom ROMs

There are only a few custom ROMs available for the RAZR right now(because of the locked bootloader), however steady progess is being made and these ROMs are continuously being updated with new features. Please visit the centralized custom ROMs page HERE for listing and more information.

IMPORTANT: Please note that installing custom ROMs is potentially dangerous for the device if done improperly. The information on this site does not ensure that you will not encounter any issues, so please make sure you have a backup of your original ROM before you get down to experimenting.


2 comments on “ROMs

  1. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=24638694&posted=1#post24638694

    Take a Look @ this!!!!!!

    It works great, a must have 4 Custom-lovers!!!!

    • Yeah, I did see this on XDA. The ROMs section is due for a major update. I think tomorrow I’ll put up Eclipse 1.3 and Black Widow. Boot Manager may also get a page for itself! Stay tuned! And thanks for the updates! 😀

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