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CM9 and AOKP 4.0.3 [13.03.2012]

IMPORTANT: Before installing please make a backup of your existing system with CWM on boot recovery. If you don’t know how to make a backup, please read HERE

DISCLAIMER : This is a experimental ROM. Flash at your own risk

Updated to reflect latest changes, as on March 13, 2012.


  • Facebook contact sync fixed, Google Apps updated [13th March, 2012]
  • AOKP: Front facing camera, Facebook contact sync fixed [AOKP, 13th March, 2012]
  • Correct data symbol in notification bar [CM9, 4th March, 2012]
  • Google Apps Updated [3rd March, 2012]
  • Correct data symbol in notification bar (CM9/adlx.xda) [4th March, 2012]
  • AOKP builds should now include working 1% battery steps [5th March, 2012]

These are two separate ROMs. Both have same working functions and bugs.

CM9 4.0.3 (Current version 13.03.2012) and AOKP 4.0.3 (Current version 13.03.2012)

This is the first custom ICS ROM for the RAZR. Its constantly being worked on and improved. The developers would greatly appreciate the feedback from all users. Please visit the ROM thread at XDA and contribute.

What works

  • Phone Calls
  • SMS
  • Camera (photos only)
  • ADB
  • USB mass storage
  • Bluetooth
  • [NEW] Network Signal indicator
  • [NEW] Data

What doesn’t work

  • Camera (video, panorama)
  • USB mass storage
  • Front facing camera (CM9 only)

WARNING: A phone’s flash light is NO torch. Keeping it activated for a longer period of time can cause hardware damage. If your phone gets stuck with activated flash, force it to reboot with the key combination: POWER + VOL. DOWN (hold it until phone turns off)

Cyanogenmod 9

Download: AOKP SELFKANG RAZR GSM[13.03.2012] [Download and install the GSM patch with recovery after install]

Download: Google Apps [Updated, 13th March 2012]

For people upgrading from a previous version of this ROM, just install the .zip file using recovery and reboot. The changes will be made. If the system does not boot up then follow the instructions below.

Installation Instructions
  1. Backup your system via Bootstrap
  2. Wipe your phone via MOTOROLA Recovery (System + Data)
  3. Install Android 2.3.6 rom (necessary to get BT working) via the original ROM install method written HERE (VERY IMPORTANT)
  4. Enable usb-debugging and installation from unknown sources (in Settings–>Application–>Developement)
  5. Root your phone, read HERE
  6. Install CWM on Boot, read HERE
  7. Boot into CWM.
  8. Do a Factory Reset. Then go to Advanced and Wipe dalvik-cache. Then go to Mounts and Storage and format system.
  9. Go to “Install zip from SD card”, install the ROM(the .zip file).
  10. Reboot, CM9/AOKP should start now
  11. For Data, please set APN settings manually. To access APN settings, go to Settings–>More under Wireless and Networks–>Mobile Networks–>Access Point Names and enter your carrier APN.




One comment on “CM9 and AOKP 4.0.3 [13.03.2012]

  1. 05.29.2012 –>> isn’t u going too futuristic in ur blog. Btw nice job done, i am also having my RAZR in india from November only and tweaking and modding it from that day only. It really helpfull for a noob\ beginner to get all this collected and usefull data at one place only.

    All the very best and please do tell me if i can also help you in anything.

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