[AOSP 4.0.4] Gummy 1.0.1 [19/04/2012]

IMPORTANT: Before installing please make a backup of your existing system with CWM on boot recovery. If you don’t know how to make a backup, please read HERE

Link to OP – HERE

DISCLAIMER : This is an experimental ROM. Flash at your own risk



  • AOSP build based on 4.0.4 compiled by Kejar31
  • Performance Settings – Credit CM / Jrummy16 / Kejar31 / Stevespear426
  • GUI manageable init.d scripts tweaks – Credit Jrummy16 / Kejar31
  • Customisable SystemUI tweaks – credit Xoomdev / Syaoran12 / Kejar31
  • Battery % always available in the lockscreen (now with the option to turn on and off) – Credit Syaoran12
  • Faster rotation initiation – Credit XoomDev / Kejar31
  • T9 Dialer – Credit CM
  • Quad Lockscreen with open customizable seats, AOSP Lockecreens and Rings Lockscreens
  • Customizable battery icons options ( Hide, miui, stock, fat battery with %, side bar with % and circle)
  • Softkeys can be turned on and off(only for G-Nex)
  • LED settings – credit Romanbb
  • ApexLauncher – credit Android Does
  • Pulldown Widgets – credit – CM
  • Quiet Times – credit – CM
  • Automatic Backlight – credit – CM
  • OI FileManager (compiled with the ICS SDK)
  • Softkey Mod and settings – Credit XoomDev / Icons – WJD Designs
  • FaceBook contact sync – Credit Roman
  • AOSP Wifi tether enabled
  • Busybox
  • Su and Superuser apk – Credit ChainsDD
  • Android Term – Credit jackpal
  • Stk
  • Livewallpapers compiled and included
  • Custom Gummy live wallpaper
  • Boot Animations sounds – credit team Bamf
  • AppWidgetPicker – credit boombuler
  • Rom Toolbox – Jrummy16
  • Root Browser – Jrummy16
  • All png’s are optimized during build via CM script and PNG Crunch
  • Compcache support

Not Working

  • Camcorder
  • Netflix
  • Misc issues that all ICS ROMs have



  • CWM on recovery, read HERE
  • Gummy ROM and GAPPS downloaded

Installation Instructions

  • Put the Gummy and GAPPS and the GSM Patch .zip file in the external SD card
  • Reboot into CWM on boot recovery
  • Select “Wipe Data/Factory Reset”, this will clear all previous ROM data and your applications
  • Go to “Mounts and storage” and format cache, data and system
  • Now go to “Advanced” and wipe dalvik-cache
  • Now install Gummy, GAPPS and GSM Patch .zip files from SD card one after the other. [IMPORTANT]
  • Reboot
NOTE: For smooth operation of ROM, go to Settings –> Gummy Settings –> Performance Settings and set “Min CPU” to 600MHz and “Scaling Governor” to ondemand and enable “Force GPU Rendering” in Developers Options.
Credits [Gummy]
  • Birdman and co for releasing his Rootz Boat which was used as a guide to get this up and going without his initial hard work there is no way this would have had this up an running in two days
  • ChainsDD for su and superuser
  • Xoomdev for all his assistance
  • RomanBB for all his help and assistance
  • CyanogenMod for all they do and the way they make everything available to all of us
  • Goo-Inside.me for hosting files
  • Android Does, for ApexLauncher in this ROM

Credits [GSM Patch]

  • shahulvm
  • Adlx.xda
  • spryte

20 comments on “[AOSP 4.0.4] Gummy 1.0.1 [19/04/2012]

  1. woot, thankyou! I finally came to a site where the webmaster knows what they’re talking about. Do you know how many results are in Google when I search.. too many! It’s so annoying having to go from page after page after page, wasting my day away with thousands of people just copying eachother’s articles… bah. Anyway, thankyou very much for the info anyway, much appreciated.

  2. The NooB is running in ICS two weeks after getting his RazR 😀

    Love this Blog! Thanks for this great Informations and easy teaching.

    This ROM is great, thanks to Dev! Everything works fine 🙂

  3. Back to Stock waiting for the next one 😉

    The Rom works pretty good. There’s just one big issue. On GSM RazR’s don’t hit the 4G-Button in the Notificationbar. That will close the process android.phone. I fixed this Problem fith a Full-Wipe, because reboot won’t help.

    But the System is really good, although for daily use. Loved the Browser 😉

  4. Back to Stock waiting for the next one 😉

    This Rom works pretty good. Ther’s just one big issue with GSM-Devices.

    Don’t hit the 4G-Button in the Notificationbar. That will close the Process android.phone. A rebbot won’t help to solve the Problem. I fixed it with a Full-Wipe.

    But the System works really stable, although for daily use. I loved the UI and the Browser 😀

    • Interesting, it seems that the fixes are random! The full wipe did not fix the phone.android process bug for me. I had to reinstall the ROM and then the issue seems to be resolved. Anyways thanks for the heads up! 😀

  5. Hey Dude,

    a little question. There’s a Gummy 0.9 Release.


    Can I flash it with GSM-Patch or will I brick my Phone? Just wanne go the save way an ask the Expert 😉

  6. Hey,

    just a little Question. I found the Gummy 0.9 Release.


    Can I flash it with GSM-Patch, just like the 0.8.3?
    I think so, but is better to ask the Expert before the RazR is bricked 😉

  7. Ok, everything is fine. Flashed the Gummy 0.9 with gapps and GSM Patch and it works like it should be. Even the 4G Button is gone 😉


    • Thanks for the head up! I’ll update the post right away.

      • This Rom’s really good. Even Ti Backup recovert without freezeing.

        PS: Sorry for the Doubleposts. Everytime i logged in to wordpress my Posts are not vissible, even when I reload the side. So I write the next one. In future I’ll stay without Gravatar, that works and is better for everyone 😉

      • Agreed. I just installed this. Much more optimized that 0.8.3.
        Even the android.phone process issue has been fixed. This is gonna be my daily driver till I get bored of ICS. 😀

  8. […] System (FTS) V2.4 RC2MIUI-V4 Beta 4.0.3 [24/3/2012]The Artic V3.0.5[24/3/2012] Gummy 0.9 – The RemodelRootingHow to RootHow […]

  9. Thanks for sharing excellent information. Your web-site is so cool. I’m impressed by the info that you have on this blog. It reveals how nicely you perceive this subject. Bookmarked this website page, will come back for more articles.

  10. is bluetooth working?

  11. hey, i followed all the steps on my razr gsm eu but i couldnt get the rom to work, p.s. i also used safestrap, do you think that may be the problem?

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