Black Widow 4.0.4 [07/05/2012]

IMPORTANT: Before installing please make a backup of your existing system with CWM on boot recovery. If you don’t know how to make a backup, please read HERE

Link of OP – HERE

Black Widow features

  • New Source: Milestone 5
  • APEX Launcher v1.1.1
  • SMS Popup
  • ICS Browser+
  • Camera ICS+
  • DSP Manager
  • ES file Explorer
  • Phone Info
  • AdFree Android
  • Google Maps
  • All apps up-to-date
  • Phasebeam live wallpaper
  • Battery Mod – accurate battery 1%
  • Big Black Widow ICS keyboard
  • 2 Custom Wallpapers (navigate to your system/media directory)
  • 10 Custom Launcher Icons ‘Roboto text’ (navigate to your system/media directory)

Change Log (2012-05-07)

  • Updated framework; source Aokp M5
  • Integrated Gapps-ics-20120429-signed
  • Fully Themed Monochrome ICS
  • Added: Maps 6.6.0
  • Added: AdFree Android
  • Added: ES file Explorer (removed Astro)
  • Updated all apps

Not Working

  • Better Camera function (Face detect, video recording in-progress)
  • HW Acceleration (in-progress)
  • Bluetooth on but not connected = loss of all audio (in-progress)
  • Answer screen in portrait mode (slider image broken, in-progress)


  • CWM on recovery, read HERE
  • Android Version 2.3.6
  • Black Widow ROM and GSM Patch downloaded


Installation Instructions

  1. Put the Black Widow and  the GSM Patch .zip file in the external SD card
  2. Reboot into CWM on boot recovery
  3. Select “Wipe Data/Factory Reset”, this will clear all previous ROM data and your applications
  4. Go to “Mounts and storage” and format cache, data and system
  5. Now go to “Advanced” and wipe dalvik-cache
  6. Now install Black Widow and GSM Patch .zip files from SD card one after the other. [IMPORTANT]
  7. Reboot, first boot will take time, be patient

Google Apps and the Dark Google Apps addon have been integrated into the ROM and do not require separate flashing anymore.

Some Suggestions for Customization

  • System Settings, Developer option, and set both Window and Transition animation scale to OFF (GO FAST)
  • Open Browser+, hit menu button, Settings, Quick Controls, Enable quick controls.
  • After you set up all your programs, go to System Settings, ROM Control, Start-up Tweaks [allow SU] and enable Zipalign apks [Zipalign any unaligned apps on each boot]


  • Stock Battery Icon: DOWNLOAD, flash through CWM recovery.
  • Battery Mod – Roboto: DOWNLOAD, flash through CWM recovery.
  • Big Black Widow ICS Keyboard: DOWNLOAD, flash through CWM recovery.
  • Sywpe: DOWNLOAD, Install like a normal APK and enable it from the Language and Input settings.


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Aokp Dev TeamSTS-Dev-Team

Aokp for the source

STS-Dev-Team for the port

andlaw, Dhacker, travp624, 24v

Android Does for Apex Launcher

Cyanogen Mod

and DroidRZR


10 comments on “Black Widow 4.0.4 [07/05/2012]

  1. how bout asking the Dev to post the thread with links on another site first… Thanks!

    • Well I did ask the dev. If the link has an issue, you could simply report the issue. I have fixed the link. Please check now. Have fun!

      • i dont recall you asking me, and BW is NOT based on the Moto ics leak. It is built off the GB kernel, which means you have to be running system version .173 – .181, so if your going to pull from my OP, atleast not change stuff keeping it factual. THANKS!

      • I’m sorry and it won’t happen again.

  2. tried to download the ROM but it says it is private.

  3. Hey, why there’s no Link to the OP @ DroidRzR.com? Although you forgot Andlaw in Credits. Show some Love to the Dev of this Rom!

  4. EXCELLENT thanx!!!

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