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MIUI-V4 Beta 4.0.3 [11/5/2012]

IMPORTANT: Before installing please make a backup of your existing system with CWM on boot recovery. If you don’t know how to make a backup, please read HERE

Link to OP – HERE

The developers at XDA have finally ported the coveted MIUI ROM to the RAZR. MIUI V4 is based on Android 4.0.3.


  • 4/27/12
    update to 2.4.2
    Optimisation to improve the call log loading speed
    Fix service provider to show owner information, information displayed incorrectly
    Optimisation of Telecommunications number attribution
    On-line picture library support for choosing contact photo via Theme Manage
    Optimisation of merge duplicate contacts UI interaction
    Fix in some cases, you cannot open the dial-up message dialogue page
    Fix FC when selecting contact to send a new messag
    Fix contact number attribution issues numbers stored with +44 / 07 for same contact do not show contact name
    Fix problems sending Mms messages
    Optimisation of new SMS time format method
    New SMS / MMS application priority option to choose which application will receive the message first
  • 5/4/12
    update to 2.5.4
    Optimisation to increase efficiency of loading list of installed applications
    Fix problem setting Custom status bar notifications leads to FC error
    Fix in some cases when recovering data operation is completed successfully, the result will be displayed as 0Bytes restored
  • 5/11/12
    update to 2.5.11
    New system search with set of sub search options
    Optimisation of text editing interactions
    Optimise Chinese Phonetics in T9 database
    Optimised support for V4 Themes

Installation Instructions

  1. Backup your system via Bootstrap
  2. Wipe your phone via MOTOROLA Recovery (System + Data).
  3. Install Android 2.3.6 rom (necessary to get BT working) via the original ROM install method written HERE (VERY IMPORTANT)
  4. Enable usb-debugging and installation from unknown sources (in Settings–>Application–>Developement)
  5. Root your phone, read HERE
  6. Install CWM on Boot, read HERE
  7. Boot into CWM.
  8. Do a Factory Reset. Then go to Advanced and Wipe dalvik-cache. Then go to Mounts and Storage and format system.
  9. Go to “Install zip from SD card”, install the ROM(the .zip file).
  10. Reboot, CM9/AOKP should start now
  11. For Data, please set APN settings manually. To access APN settings, go to Settings–>More under Wireless and Networks–>Mobile Networks–>Access Point Names and enter your carrier APN.

Known issue in the Rom:

  1. Camcorder
  2. External SDcard doesnt mount-temporly i left file manager so you at least find files [FIXED]
  3. Data doesnt come on by itself
  4. When downloading anything your phone will warn you that you about downloading using data. – To fix that go to Downloads -> Menu button -> Settings -> Data Download Prompt
  5. Wallpapers dont scroll
Download: HERE [11/5/2012]



Dhacker29 for his amazing work
Hashcode for his knowledge and skills
STS-Dev-Team for the awesome contribution for the Moto phones
ANY DEV working hard to make roms and awesome Apps



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