How to install



The procedures vary for original and custom ROMs. We’ll be going over the two separately.


For original ROMs please use the ROMs for your region only. Installing other region ROMs can lead to problems with the phone. Please check the region HERE before you download the ROM!

To install a Original ROM (Fastboot Image),

Things you need

  1. The USB cable that came with your RAZR (avoid using other brand cables as users have reported some issues)
  2. A flash tool – EternityProject’s RSD Alternative, Download: Windows – HERE, Linux – HERE

Pre-Installation Preparation:

  1. Download the ROM you want to flash from HERE
  2. Extract the Fastboot Image from the .zip and into a folder.
  3. Copy the EternityProject flashtool files into the Fastboot Image folder.
  4. Connect your RAZR to the PC

Installation Instructions:

  1. On the phone, boot up into the bootloader. Power down the phone, then press both the volume buttons. After that you press the power button. The bootloader will load.
  2. Read the on screen instructions regarding scrolling and selecting options, then select “Recovery” mode and wait for the Android and the exclamation symbol to appear.
  3. Now press both volume to make the menu appear. Use the volume buttons to move selection and the power button to select.
  4. Select “Wipe data/factory reset”. This will clear any apps and personal data from the previous ROM. This takes a long time. Please do not try and interrupt the procedure.
  5. After procedure is done, select “Reboot system now”.
  6. Boot into the bootloader again. Power down the phone, then press both the volume buttons. After that you press the power button. The bootloader will load.
  7. Read the on screen instructions regarding scrolling and selecting options, then select “AP Fastboot” mode.
  8. Make sure that the next screen has “Battery OK” and “OK to Program” displayed.
  9. Now on the PC, open the Fastboot Image directory and run “FlashME.bat” (Windows) or “FlashNIX.sh” (Linux).
  11. Wait for the window to disappear.
  12. The phone will boot up into recovery, just reboot system from here.
  13. The phone will start up normally, since its the first boot it will take more time.

That’s it, you’ve successfully installed an Original ROM.

For a Custom ROM:

Things you need

  1. The USB cable that came with your RAZR (avoid using other brand cables as users have reported some issues)
  2. Rooted RAZR
  3. CWM on Boot recovery installed as explained HERE.

Pre-Installation Preparation:

  1. Make a nandroid backup i.e. make a backup of your existing ROM using CWM recovery, as explained HERE. This will help you recover your system should something go wrong during the flashing procedure.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the ROM you want to flash from HERE
  2. Put the .zip file in your external SD card.
  3. Boot into CWM recovery. (Just restart your phone, if CWM on boot is installed correctly it will automatically boot into it)
  4. Choose “Wipe data/Factory reset”. This will clear all your personal data and apps from the previous ROM.
  5. Choose “Install custom .zip”
  6. Navigate to the folder where you put your ROM.
  7. Choose the .zip and install.
  8. Wait for it to reboot.

26 comments on “How to install

  1. Will this work for gsm rogers razr also?

    • Before you install anything please make sure that the you have an original ROM for the region of your phone so that you can get back to the original should something go wrong. You can check the original ROMs page. If its there then you’re in luck.

      Yes it should work just fine for the Rogers RAZR. However please make sure that you make a backup of your existing ROM with the CWM on boot recovery. This will also help you to restore and will be more convenient than installing the original ROM again.

  2. Thanks a lot,

    I am trying to flash an original image, I am stuck in the following step:

    Boot up into the bootloader, explained here.

    I have tried pressing volume down + power but did not work.

    I need to boot into the boot loader but could not succeed.

    Please advise,

    • I’m sorry there was an error with my instructions. I have corrected the post. To boot into the bootloader do this

      Power down the phone, then press both the volume buttons. After that you press the power button. The bootloader will load.

      Now follow the instructions from step 2

  3. Thanks a lot,

    now i am able to access the bootloader, now i am in number 4, it gave me all kinds of errors, finding image, finding radio, finding kernel, etc,

    what to do?

  4. I am back again,

    the process was not suuccessful, i’ve got the following in the bootloader:

    Invalid flash mode (boot failure)

    device is locked

    invalid gc otv (cg:system): invalid sp data
    invalid gc hab (cg:system, status; 0x0056)
    invalid gc otv (cg:system)

    • Please make sure that you have followed the pre-installation instructions.

      Are you trying to install a ROM meant for your region? Regional incompatibilities may cause this. I never encountered such an error myself.

      Please give me the region of the original ROM in your RAZR and the region of the ROM you are trying to install.

      • The original rom is en.fido, the phone was locked with canadian fido.
        I am trying to flash middle east image.

        I have gone through preinstallation.

  5. I believe the error is due to region incompatibility, especially since yours was a branded locked ROM. Please head over to the Original ROMs page and download the en.fido ROM and try flashing that. If the en.Fido ROM is not listed then I’m afraid that you’re in a tricky situation. You’ll have to try one of the other ROMs and see which one works.

    If a ROM flash is successful your phone should start working again.

    Also please switch off the phone when you aren’t gonna do anything with it. If the battery goes down then the bootloader will not allow you to flash anything. In that case you will need a “Motorola Factory cable”. I will provide information regarding this later, if need be.

    • There are no North American ROM available in the ROMs list, do you have any? or shall I try any of the others?

      • I’m sorry all the ROMs which are available are listed. If the en.Fido ROM is listed then it will be in the list. If not then please try flashing a European region(en.EU) ROM.

  6. I did it, Thank you.

  7. I have installed the Brazilian ROM

  8. Hi,
    Can you help me regarding on how to install a rom through fastboot(i’m new so i would like step by step) Thank you

    • Sure thing!
      First you have to download your region’s original fastboot image. You can find the listed roms @


      After you’ve downloaded the ROM, just extract the .zip file and follow the installing original ROM instructions given in the post. It’s all step by step so you shouldn’t have any problems. If you’re still reluctant to do so please let me know and I’ll help you thorugh the step with which you’re have problems.

      • Thank you very much for your quick reply. Due to the fact that i cannot find the rom in the link above i’m sending you the file they told me to download in the link :
        How can i flash it?

      • To flash the fastboot image given in the link you should first download the file. Extract it to a folder and then follow the instructions given in the article under installing an original rom. The procedure listed is common to all fastboot image installations for the RAZR. I hope this clears your problem. Personally I don’t you should go to 651.167.26. Many people have reported issues with that OTA and there is no changelog on XDA as of now.

  9. Hey man I cant even power on the phone at this stage. I restored a SafeSystem disabled original rom when SafeSystem was enabled and the Dual Core logo started but the screen went complete black and now I cant even access boot loader. What do I do?

  10. I have attempted to use this process because my razr is not booting past dual core logo and will no longer enter CWM. I got the drivers and ran the FlashME file but the cmd window runs through all these steps saying cannot load _______ for everything except logo and radio. It still will not boot correctly and i’m not sure what i am doing wrong. I am using the Original ROM from USA Verizon like i figured i am supposed to since i’m using verizon in USA…

    Any advice is appreciated, thanks

    • Solved my issues, used RSDLite instead of the Eternity project RSD Alternative and it worked out fine.

    • The ROMs and all content listed on the this blog is meant for the RAZR GSM unlocked version. Flashing any original ROM listed here will cause issues. Please download a original CDMA rom for your phone and install it. That should fix the issuess

  11. Followed your instructions as stated but I received a bunch of errors during installation in the console of the Eternity Project program (“error signed”). When I booted into recovery I received more errors (couldn’t open “recovery/log” couldn’t open recovery/last-log”). The phone booted but froze when I tried to set it up, Running a VZW Razr and tried VZW fastboot files

  12. I don’t have a Verizon RAZR so I won’t be able to help you on this one. You should try XDA forums or DroidRZR forums. You’ll get a solution there.

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