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CWM Recovery

CWM Recovery stands for the ClockWorkMod Recovery. It its a custom recovery package for android systems and allows users to install/backup/restore ROMs on to their phones quickly and easily. These backup packages are known as nandroid backups.

Its a pre-requisite to any custom ROM install.

Its vital for rooted users to have CWM backup of their existing ROMs before they attempt to make any changes or install mods so that they can restore their system in case something goes wrong.

Here I’ll go through the procedure to install CWM, install ROMs and mods using CWM, create nandroid backups and restore from them from.

The RAZR has a CWM on Boot package which basically boots into recovery upon every system boot.

Please refer the links below:

Credits – nitroglycerine33(for Bootstrap Recovery), J.Y. Daddy(for CWM on Boot), XDA Dev community! 😀


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