CWM Recovery Installation

Please read up on CWM recovery HERE.



  1. Rooted RAZR
  2. Bootstrap Recovery app (RazrBootstrap.apk), download HERE
  3. CWM on Boot package(RAZR-CWMOnBoot-Global-J.Y.Daddy.zip), download HERE

Installation Instructions

  1. Install Bootstrap Recovery App (RazrBootstrap.apk)
  2. Copy CWM on Boot package(RAZR-CWMOnBoot-Global-J.Y.Daddy.zip) to external SD card
  3. Open Bootstrap, then press “Bootstrap recovery” to install a temporary Bootstrap recovery. Accept any Superuser permission prompts. Then press “Reboot Recovery”. The phone will reboot into recovery.
  4. In recovery menu: “install zip from sdcard” -> “choose zip from sdcard” -> select “RAZR-CWMOnBoot-Global-J.Y.Daddy.zip.”
  5. After the update completes the phone will reboot.
  6. After reboot, set deny Superuser permissions for the RazrBootstrap.apk. (IMPORTANT)
  7. Reboot

You should now boot up into CWM recovery.

How to use CWM recovery:

  • Use the context menu button(left most button) to move down
  • Use the Home button (2nd from the left) to the move up
  • Press the Search button (right most button) to select the highlighted option

NOTE: Please do not be confused between Bootstrap recovery and CWM recovery. Bootstrap installs a temporary CWM recovery which only works when you reboot through bootstrap. It does not install the actual CWM recovery.


10 comments on “CWM Recovery Installation

  1. I have followed all the steps but when i reboot (even if i use the vol up+down+power button) doesn’t boot up in cwm.

  2. Yes i did. The strange thing is that the first time i rebooted i was able to enter cwm. After that i couldn’t. Do you believe i should install it again(follow steps 3-7)?

  3. Thank mate!the thing is tha although i managed to work it oute, i installed the arctic rom and now clowork is lost. any ideas?

    • Just re-install the CWM on boot the same way as mentioned in the post. CWM on boot can be installed over any ROM(original or custom).

      • Every Custom i’ve tested had the CWMonBoot pre-installed. There’s no need for;)

        By the way, look @ the Black Widow Rom! Just amazing…

      • Thanks for the heads up bro! Checked the ROM, looks good. Too bad its CDMA. I’ll have to wait for someone to test it with the GSM patch.

  4. I’am running this Rom on German GSM Razr! GSM-Patch works with almost every Rom out there ;).

    Tested with Axiom, Gummy, CM9 and so on. Trust me! The only thing is the Build.Prob. GSM-Patch overwrites the Rom-Specs in TelInfo, so they all look the same. But that doesn’t realy matters!

    Give it a try and you’ll see, it’s working!!!

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