How to Root

Before you start rooting please read up on rooting, just so that you know what you’re trying to do. Visit this LINK.

Now that we’re all well informed and ready, lets start!

Rooting for the RAZR is very simple. Just follow the instructions and you’ll be rooted in a few minutes. 🙂

There are two rooting methods available currently, the ZERGRUSH V2 exploit for 2.3.5 by Doomlord; and the Motofail exploit for 2.3.5/2.3.6 by Dan Rosenberg.


  1. Motorola USB drivers. Download HERE
  2. The root exploit. For ZERGRUSH V2, download HERE. For Motofail, download HERE.

Installation Instructions:

For 2.3.5, ZERGRUSH V2 Exploit

  1. Install USB Drivers
  2. Extract Doomlords Package
  3. Enable debugging on device. Settings -> Application -> Development -> Tick USB Debugging
  4. Connect device to PC
  5. Test if device is recognised in command prompt using ADB Devices (Optional)
  6. Run the Runme.bat file in Doomlords package.
  7. Wait for reboot.

If this method does not work then please try the Motofail method.

For 2.3.5/2.3.6, Motofail Exploit

  1. Install USB Drivers
  2. Download and extract Package
  3. Enable USB debugging on device from Settings -> Application -> Development -> Tick USB Debugging
  4. Connect device to PC
  5. Execute run.bat (location for extract package)
  6. Press Enter to start rooting.
  7. Wait for 2 reboots.

You will now have the Superuser app in your applications list. This app is used to manage the root permissions for various apps.

For Un-rooting, please read HERE.


10 comments on “How to Root

  1. Hi there

    thanks for everything you do in the blog ,I actually have a little problem

    I was trying to root my moto razr ,I got this message

    failed to copy from files/superuser.apk to system/superuser.apk

    • I’m sorry it says

      system/superuser.apk for read only

      • Can you please tell me what ROM you were trying to root?
        To solve the problem try restarting the PC and run the root program again.
        If that does not work then please try re-installing the same original ROM again. PLEASE DO NOT FLASH A DIFFERENT REGION’S ROM(it may cause bootloops)! To check which region’s ROM you have just go to Settings–>About Phone and check.

  2. Thanxxx for the quick reply

    the ROM is the official one which came with the device

    I tried with 2.3.5, ZERGRUSH V2 Exploit because my android version is 2.3.5

    sorry for bothering you Boss (-;

  3. Not yet actually

    I still have the same problem

    • I’m sorry for not replying for a long time. I suggest that you try rooting with the 2.3.6 exploit. It is also compatible with all 2.3.5 ROMs. Maybe that will solve the issue.

  4. Lets say I wanna unroot, I used 2.3.6 motofail! How? Please help!

  5. cannot connect to daemon wow im lost im trying to root my phone thats all i want been trying for 3 months tried all kinds of rooting software umm im on 2.3.5

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