How to Un-Root

So you rooted your phone and now you’re scared that your precious RAZR lost its warranty(technically it did), well fear not.

Unrooting can save you the trouble of worrying about warranty. It basically removes the modifications made to the android system to allow root privileges. So essentially you’re back from where you started. These modifications include

  • Remove Busybox and associated symlinks
  • Remove SU files and associated data

NOTE: This does not remove the modifications made by the apps which require root privileges. So please make sure you reverse the changes made by those apps first.

Just follow this guide for unrooting your phone


  • RAZR rooted with ZERGRUSH V2 Exploit or Motofail Exploit found HERE (THIS IS IMPORTANT, this method only works with the given rooting exploits. It is not guaranteed to work with any other rooting method for the RAZR)
  • Unrooting Script v1.0 by DoomLord, download HERE
  • Motorola USB drivers, download HERE


  1. On PC, install the USB drivers
  2. On the phone, enable “USB Debugging” in Settings –> Applications –> Development
  3. On the phone, enable “Unknown Sources” in Settings –> Applications
  4. Connect the phone to PC via USB
  5. Set the USB connection mode to “Charge Only”
  6. Download and extract the Unrooting Package
  7. Go to the package folder and run “RUNME-UNROOT.bat”
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions in the cmd window

Credits: Droidel, Doomlord, XDA Community


7 comments on “How to Un-Root

  1. Are you positive this wont harm my device, I rooted with 2.3.6, but now want to un root. oh and btw it’s rooted with motofail. ARe you sure this wont harm my device by using another unroot script?

    • This un-rooting method has been tested to work with both ZERGRUSH V2 and Motofail exploits. As long as your device has been rooted with either of the two this un-root will work and will not cause any issues.

      • That link for the unroot script is dead. Can you please post a different one? Are you positive it will work and not harm, I’m sorry, I’m really scared. Motofail 2.3.6

  2. That link for the unroot script is dead. Can you please post a different one?

  3. Can you please send me another link for that unroot script? The link is dead

  4. Works perfectly unrooting motofail and i was on 2.3.5 😀

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